Responding to industry trends and customer demands, in 2010 Canaflex entered the world of pneumatics by stocking internationally recognized, high-quality products from Asco and Parker.

Asco offers an extensive range of air preparation equipment and a full line of actuation products as well as comprehensive flow control suites and pneumatic solutions.

ASCO pneumatic valves, cylinders & actuators, air preparation & accessories

More and more customers are encountering challenges that demand the comprehensive fluid automation solutions that only ASCO can deliver. By combining innovative technologies and cross-applications expertise, ASCO fluid control and pneumatic products help customers maximize efficiencies, optimize applications, and transform ideas into measurable outcomes.

ASCO's fluid automation product lines include a wide variety of solenoid valves, angle body piston valves, pneumatic valves and manifolds, cylinders, filters, regulators, lubricators and a complete range of accessories.

We develop engineered solutions that set the standards for a broad range of markets and applications—continually identifying opportunities for customers to realize their true potential. Meanwhile, Parker provides a complete offering of pneumatic fluid connectors and tubing unmatched in the industry.

Parker pneumatic fluid connectors and tubing & push-to-connect, integrated and brass fittings

Prestolok PLP

Stainless steel grab ring, nickel-plated brass body, nitrile seal, polyacetal release button, corrosion resistance, NPT, BSPT, BSPP, and metric threads

Prestolok Composite

Stainless steel grab ring, glass-reinforced nylon 6.6 body, nitrile D-seal, nylon release button, corrosion and chemical resistance, NPT, BSPT, BSPP, and metric threads

Prestolok PLM

High phosphorous, FDA-compliant, chemical, resistant, nickel-plated collet and body, FKM seal, chemical, corrosion, and abrasion resistance, NPT, BSPT, BSPP, and metric threads

Prestolok PLS

Stainless steel 303L collet, stainless steel 316L body, FKM seal, stainless steel 316L backup washer, chemical, corrosion, and abrasion resistance, NPT, BSPT, BSPP, and metric threads. Bonus feature: hygienic design reduces retention zones for easy cleaning

Parker’s integrated fittings are designed to meet a vast array of applications:
  • Compact Flow Controls
  • Miniature Flow Controls
  • Swivel Outlet Flow Controls
  • Plug-In Flow Controls
  • In-Line Flow Controls
  • Metal Flow Controls
  • Stainless Steel Flow Controls
  • Check Valves
  • Stainless Check Valves
  • Pilot Operated Check Valves
  • Slide Valves
  • Quick Exhaust
  • Blocking Valves
  • Slow Start Valves
  • Threshold Sensor
  • Mini Ball Valves


There are three thermoplastic tubing compounds used for the majority of pneumatic lines: Nylon, Polyethylene and Polyurethane. All three offer distinct advantages.

Polyethylene is the most commonly used tubing due to its flexibility, wide range of chemical resistance and lower cost.

Nylon tubing is a popular choice for low-pressure pneumatic applications because of its combination of flexibility and toughness.

Polyurethane tubing is usually the best choice for applications requiring extensive flexing, a small bend radius or where kinking can be a problem.

You can count on Canaflex to iron out all the kinks!

The pneumatics industry is in constant flux and becoming increasingly sophisticated each year. Turn to the Canaflex specialists to make sure everything flows smoothly!