Canaflex Inc has specialized in hydraulic hoses and fittings for over 35 years. Our team of experts would be pleased to help you choose the hydraulic hose that best suits your application.

Thanks to our extensive line of Parker products, we offer hydraulic hoses in either rubber or thermoplastic, braided or spiral construction and coupled with the hydraulic hose fitting that is right for you. We can make custom hose assemblies for you at our Parker Store or help you select a hose crimping machine from Parker’s Parkrimp family so that you can manufacture and assemble your own hose.

We have a hydraulic hose for you!

Parker features the largest selection of hoses plus more fitting sizes – including over 4,500 Parkrimp fittings – than any other manufacturer. What’s more, Parker products have been designed, tested and approved to meet and exceed global standards. Whether you are looking for a hose that has a variety of abrasion-resistant cover choices, flexibility or a wide range of media compatibility, Canaflex-Parker is without a doubt the hose supplier of choice for customers that demand the most from their equipment.

Wire reinforced rubber

With the Parker Global Core hydraulic hose solutions, you can significantly reduce your inventory and part number complexity by using just five hoses and two fittings. Designed, built and tested to the ISO 18752 specifications, Global Core hydraulic hoses stand above the competition and serve customers around the world with a simple family of constant working high-pressure hoses.

Global Core hydraulic hoses reduce engineering and service complexity and also expand our range of ISO 18752 hoses and provide options for the most critical sizes and pressure ranges: 3,000 psi to 6,000 psi in sizes -4 through -32.


When compared to wire reinforced rubber hydraulic hoses or even metal tubing, thermoplastic hydraulic hoses offer a significant added value. Thermoplastic provides extreme chemical compatibility, noise-level reduction and ultraviolet and corrosion resistance, while fiber reinforcement retains flexibility — even at low temperatures. In addition, Parker Parflex has long-length capabilities resulting in less scrap being generated during assembly. Moreover, it is built with fewer connections, which means that it has fewer potential leak points.

Compared to rubber equivalents, Parker Parflex products are lighter in weight due to their fiber reinforcements. In fact, a Parker Parflex hydraulic hose can weigh up to 70% less than a comparable rubber hose assembly. As a result of this greater strength-to-weight ratio, thermoplastics are easier to work with. Operator handling becomes less fatiguing and it is quicker and easier to route hoses onto equipment.


Our wide inventory of PTFE products includes smooth bore and convoluted hoses as well as steel, stainless steel and brass fittings to help serve the automotive, oil and gas, power generation, packaging/chemical transfer and pulp and paper industries. All of these markets and applications not only greatly benefit from PTFE products’ chemical resistance, extreme temperature range, low friction, non-stick and flexibility, but also their unlimited shelf life, high purity and natural FDA-compliant and black static dissipative core tube.

Cana-flexing our muscles!

With its proven track record and expertise, Canaflex firmly believes that customer service excellence is all about making connections! Come see us first so that you don’t get “hosed” by bad advice!