Working hard to be your one-stop shop, Canaflex has a wide range of accessories that complement its major product lines and help you get up and going fast!

Whether you’re looking for hose protection to guard against abrasion or high heat, we’ve got you covered with an array of dependable items:

  • Wearguard abrasion sleeve
  • Spring guard / armor guard
  • Silicone Firesleeve
  • Partek / Partek defense sleeve
  • PSG-Parker Spiral Guard
  • Parker protection shields

If you need to hold those hose or tube assemblies in place, we’ll help you get a grip with the best products on the market:

  • Parker Parklamp tube clamps
  • CL – Vinyl coated clamps
  • Hose whip restraints


For the ultimate in hose-clamping solutions, we turn to Oetiker for its world-renowned versatility and precision:

  • Ear clamps
  • Screw clamps and universal clamps
  • Hose clamp pliers

Winters Instruments

Pneumatic and hydraulic mechanics have been relying on Winter Instruments (WI) to help them master diagnostics for over 60 years. Aware of the importance of gauging its customers’ needs, Canaflex is proud to carry the following WI products:

  • Premium quality pressure gauges
  • Digital pressure gauges
  • Differential pressure gauges
  • Process gauges


Extend the life of your equipment by removing contaminants from your hydraulic fluids with Hydac hydraulic and lube oil filtration products. Enjoy peace of mind with Hydac’s:

  • High/medium and low pressure filtration
  • Betamicron elements suited to your application
  • Complete line of filter housings

Thanks to the above products and many other leading brands that it carries, Canaflex will help take the pressure off when you need proven, prompt and expert service.