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We’re all about making connections! Introducing Parker’s new E-Z FORM hose product line

by Donald Toope — March 21 2017

Over the years, many engine manufacturers, machine designers and engineers have strived to build their engines or industrial equipment in a more compact manner, either to save on freight costs or simply for logistical reasons. Today, the trend in the heavy equipment and transport industry is still “the smaller the better” and “the lighter the better.”

Open the hood of your 2017 compact sedan – what do you see? Not much room to work or manoeuver, right? But remember the cars and trucks in the 70s and 80s?

Or how about a muscle car like the 69 Dodge Charger? You could have fit two engines in there!

Nowadays, many “compact engines” and “machinery designs” have caused nightmares for mechanics and installers alike, as well as huge headaches for purchasers who need to order a costly preformed hose, which usually results in long delivery delays from the dealership or manufacturer.

These issues are particularly prevalent in equipment with tight and hard-to-reach spaces, such as:

  • Cooling systems
  • Generators
  • Engines
  • Radiators
  • Turbos
  • Vacuum lines
  • Suction lines
  • Return lines


Canaflex has worked out the kinks for all of these problems

We are proud to introduce our New E-Z Form, Kink-Free, Full-Flow, Super-Flexible Hose. The technological innovation of this revolutionary hose lies in its “Greek Corrugated Design.”


Cutting-edge products that defy physics

This state-of-the-art scientific design allows for extremely large diameter hose sizes to bend and curve in all those tight areas that were simply unreachable before without kinking. Thanks to this ingenuity, customers can now replace costly preformed hoses and significantly save on down time.

We’ve got you covered!

Various applications, media and temperatures are all unique and have specific requirements. Canaflex has what you need with three different series of E-Z Form!

E-Z Form GS (General Service Series: 7395) with a Blue Lay Line

E-Z Form MP (Multipurpose Oil Resistant Series: 7219) with a Red Lay line

E-Z Form HT (High Temperature Series: 7399) with a Yellow Lay line


Size is no obstacle

The E-Z Form products range in size from a ½-inch to a 4-inch inside diameter with a bend radius that’s never been seen before in the industry.

Need an “oddball” size? The E-Z Form series is available in one-sixteenth of an inch increments, giving you a perfect fit every time.


E-Z Form key superior advantages and features:

  • Superior Bend Radius
  • Astonishing Flexibility Capabilities
  • Anti-Kink Resistance (this hose will not kink)
  • Vast Media Compatibilities (air, coolant, mild chemicals, bio-diesel, oil)
  • Full Flow Construction (hose will provide a true full flow when bent)
  • Amazing Temperature Ranges (up to 302°F in the 7399 Series)
  • Wide Range of Sizes (1/2” – 4” I.D. in 1/16th Increments)
  • Cost savings (will replace costly preformed moulded hoses)
  • Lightweight (fuel economy)
  • Wide Variety of Applications (industrial, transportation, mobile hydraulics)
  • Faster Product Availability (stocked item at Canaflex)
  • Versatile Fastening (hose clamps or permanent crimp)
  • Easy and Practical Installation (will fit where most hoses can’t)
  • Many Usages (pressure, suction, return, vacuum)
  • Safety Factor Ratio of 4:1


Good vibrations

A leading Canadian locomotive manufacturer turned to us to solve a major recurring issue of severe vibration in a tight area with high temperature requirements. We recommended the large diameter E-Z Form hose, which completely fixed the problem. Our client was so thrilled by the performance and ease of installation that the E-Z Form hose has now become the standard in that part of the locomotive.


Canaflex Parker Store

Drop by our “Parker Store” service counter where you will be greeted by our very friendly and knowledgeable staff. Feel free to touch and play with our E-Z Form Display!

About the author

Donald Toope is a Technical Sales Representative and Parker certified Connector Specialist.